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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Musical Inspiration

Music is all around us; it's pretty hard to escape it. We've all been reading MOTU and CWIA and our senses have been tantilized and moved with these two stories and their musical selections. Stephenie Meyer writes to a playlist for inspiration. Well it's the same for myself and UnintendedFrenzy; music is a definite inspiration when we write. Actually it's hard not to write and not think of songs at the same time. I will hear a song on the radio or in a movie and think OMEC that would work so perfectly in this scene or that scene. Just the other night I was watching Paul Blart Mall Cop and who would have thunk it that I would find inspiration there, but I did. And I will be using it in chapters to come for I Plead the Fifth. It's hard to describe what music does when we write. It helps with the mood of the story, the flow, and sometimes it even writes the words for us and our characters. Daughtry has been a big inspiration for me and John Mayer has been for UnintendedFrenzy. For me Daughtry (who by the way is the true American Idol and not Trailor Hitch) really speaks for Edward (Masen). Their song "Sorry" really says and feels totally Edward; it's almost as if Chris was in Edward's head when he wrote it. I don't think I could write if I didn't have music. If I wasn't listening to my Ipod (which I do every Wednesday night when I write) or listening to my playlist on the computer there wouldn't really be a story. I never understood what Stephenie Meyer meant when she talked out writing to music in her interviews. Well now I do. I've built a playlist of songs that inspire us both and you can find it below. So please check it out. I'm trying to update it regularly but myself and UnintendedFrenzy are inspired by so many songs it's hard to keep up. So the next time you're listening to the radio or your Ipod just think you might be inspired too.

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