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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Okay, so last night we found out that FF pulled chapter 71 of MOTU. Why? She was in violation of the TOS (terms of service, I assume). We all loved chapter 71 but I think there were some hotter, sexier chapters previously, right? So why pull 71? Then they pull all of CW&IA. I about fell out of my chair when I read that on her blog. WTF!?! Why would FF wait until it was complete to pull this shit. Why wouldn't they pull it in the middle of it? It doesn't make sense. Who in the hell is the cockblocker that is doing this and reporting our favs? I want to hunt them down and I'm sure you all will help. This now makes me wonder what will happen to my story and UnintendedFrenzy's. Mine doesn't have the lemony goodness, yet, that MOTU and CW&IA had/has but eventually it will and will someone then report it and it will be yanked from FF? All of these stories are rated and the reader is warned, so WTF? I will follow, and I know you all will to, MOTU and anything huntershunting writes to the ends of Earth. I just dont' fucking get it and probably never will. Shit has FF ever heard of the first amendment, I think NOT!!!

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