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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well as you all are aware UnintendedFrenzy and TeamEdwardAlways have entered the FML contest on FanFiction. Voting is under way and round one is over on the 24th of feb. So please head over and vote for us both! We will not be able to do this with out your support!
Our story's are...
UnintendedFrenzy: Aphroliete
TeamEdwardAlways: A dimond is forever
(We are both in the first round)
Here is what will be happening the next few weeks....
We have received 70 completed stories for the FML contest, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the turnout! The judges are hard at work validating the entries, and we wanted to let you know a little bit about how this voting thing will work. Open voting will be done in two preliminary rounds. The top ten stories from each round will move onto the final open voting round, where the top two stories will receive prizes.

Open Voting Dates:
February 18 through February 24 - First Round of Open Voting featuring 35 storiesFebruary 25 through March 3 - Second Round of Open Voting featuring 35 storiesMarch 4 through March 10 - Final Round of Open Voting featuring twenty stories (the top ten from each of the preliminary rounds) During this time, the judges will also be making their choices in the Judges' Selection Round (JSR), which will include both first and second place winners as well as special mentions.
Announcement of Winners:
On Saturday, March 13, the first and second place winners of both Open Voting and the JSR will be announced here and on the FML Contest Blog -
On Sunday, March 14, all special mentions and additional awards will be announced here and on our blog.Be sure to read the entries in the C2 and vote for your favorites!

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