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Monday, February 1, 2010


SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE UPDATE FOR GRAVITY THEN STOP FUCKING READING!!! All I can say is HOLY SHIT!!! That was by far the best chapter yet and it totally pissed me off because we are left hanging totally hanging. I feel like I am gripping the window sill dangling out of a 30 story building. God UnintendedFrenzy better post again and soon! Or I might have to hunt her ass down in Arkansas. So we find out about Edward's past. OMEC!! Bella saw photos of his murdered parents. Then she took a nose dive into his glass coffee table after she realized that Edward's father's eyes are his eyes. OMEC!!! I love how she became all shy when he went to fix her up. That was really sweet. But shit Jake is her ex?! Either I am a complete moron because I didn't see that coming. My heart nearly, no wait it did, jump out of my throat when they got back to her apartment and it was open and there was writing on the door. And then when Edward called the boys for reinforcements and for Emmett's gun. I suddenly was bombarded with visions of the worst possible scenario. UGH!!!!!!! And the end, oh the end. The words You're Mine painted in red on the door. OMEC OMEC OMEC!!! You better post again soon!! I want to come in from the ledge. All I can say WOW!!!

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