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Monday, January 25, 2010

I was so stoked when I read chapter 13. Rose cracks my shit up. Her mouth on with the sarcasm. Love it. I enjoy reading about the relationship these girls have. It mirrors closely the relationship I have with my friends...Even the one I have formed with TeamEd. The bachelorette party was flipping awesome. First can I get a woot, and a shout out to Team for sneaking me (My name) into her story. Yes..I made a cameo ladies. I was the impressive waitress and I rocked it! lol.

Then things get a little creepy. Leave it to James to screw the night up. The drink he sent was one thing...but no means NO! Men sometimes have no clue....But that's okay... Edward comes to her rescue, and we get to see the sweet side of him. Taking her home, helping her with the porcelain god, and tucking her in bed. She drifts off to sleep but not before telling him he is beautiful. How sweet! I'm hoping he will be there when she wakes in chapter keep your fingers crossed....we will just have to wait and see.

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