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Monday, January 25, 2010

UnintendedFrenzy, aka Bellashields,has done it again with Chapter 8; leaving us breathless and wanting more. The songs, oh the songs, are simply perfect. She maybe my friend, but Bella is a musical genius when it comes to picking out the perfect song(s) to set the mood. I could just see the three of them jamming out to every tune. OMEC!!! Alone by Heart one of my favs; perfect song for her to sing to Edward- Swoon!! The way she jumped at him when the set was over and right in front of his parents teehee! I would be embarrassed too. Bella being a biker babe, nice touch! Nothing like the rumble of horse power between your legs!! And holy sh*t what was that with Jake, again leaving us on the edge guessing and wanting more. You better update again and like soon or the red room will be waiting.

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