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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lets Talk....

Hey UnintendedFrenzy here.... Team and I are working hard to get our chapters out this week. MOTU has not posted, someone said she was away this week. CWIA well we know we only have a few chapters left and she is taking her time....So I guess we need to cross our fingers for Edward Wallbanger, she is due.

Team is teasing me..can not wait for her to post chapter 13 of I Plead the Fifth...due out very soon.

Gravity chapter 8 is in editing, so fingers crossed I should post Friday night.

Talk to you soon! UF

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  1. Man, there are so many stories to read, and it always happens that when you finish one, you still end up waiting for others to post. I'm so happy to be helping you Bella Angel! Helping you edit is keeping me sane while I'm waiting around for the other alternate Edward/Bella universes to continue.

    Keep up the excellent work ladies! Luv ya both!! *kiss*kiss*hug*hug*