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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Slow burn continues...Leave it to Icy to keep us wanting more..more..more. Spoiler Alert!:Lets be honest, we all knew that 50 would be the highest bidder when Bella took the stage for auction. Holy Hell! Mr. Banter toying with 50...fifteen thousand dollars.. no, twenty five thousand still no. Bella went for One Hundred Thousand Dollars! I love the conversation just after...Bella “A very expensive dance…” Edward “I’m sure it’ll be worth every single cent,”. Swoon....Blush...Clap clap clap. Another great opening...Now comes the meat of the story...another first for 50. He brings Bella to his childhood room. She is so hot and bothered by those damn silver balls that she asks him to spank her..Yep! 12 twitchy palms. lol. another hot ass lemon..TY Mrs. Icy. and last but not least..Mrs. Robinson? that's all I can say! Another great chapter..I will hold my cupcakes till chapter 65 posts. much love. UF

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  1. Just had to comment. I soooo love MOTU and you've made every point I would've have made. Damn...she bids on his trip and he's so angry he takes it out on her HOW? Oh would I love to make him angry if that's how he'd punish me!! *swoon*blush*

    And the twist at the end...Mrs. Robinson!! I could have sworn it was going to be Lauren. In fact, I was so worried it was, I nearly screamed until I read on and found out who it really was. *sigh* Relief! Now to see what she wants with Bella...wanting to talk to her all night? About what?

    I am soooo biting my nails in anticipation for chapter 65. UGH!!!

    50 Shades...WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!